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Hello and Welcome,

My name is Katie and I’m passionate about being a catalyst for the reclamation of the sacredness of birthing. Are you a mother who is ready to reconnect with your inner wisdom, radiance and empowerment on the journey of motherhood and childbirth?

My own experience of an attempted homebirth with my daughter ended up resulting in a c-section after many days and sleepless nights. This left me with trauma and confusion and it took some deep soul-searching to resolve this and discover the gems in this challenging initiation.

I want to share with you that you do not have to figure this out on your own, and it is my honor to support you in discovering powerful tools, practices and wisdom that can catalyze deeply life-changing and transformational results.

Recent Podcast Features

Listen to some of Katie's conversations with other women about birth and healing.

The Intuitive Mother Podcast

Katie has a heart-to-heart conversation with Angie Schaffer about "healing your birth experience."

Healing Birth Podcast

Katie shares her story of life after birth trauma with Diana Forsell Tayan.

Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Kristy Rodriguez chats with Katie about how birth trauma and healing affect a mother's relationship with her children.

Working with Katie

Reclaim Your Birth Circle Journey


A 4-week group women's circle to support you to heal and honor your birth story.

You are not alone. Healing is possible!

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Reclaim Your Magic, Mama Mentorship


A 3-month mentorship of healing and empowerment.  

Experience the joy of motherhood in a new way.

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One on One Birth Story Medicine Sessions


Work with me in a single session or a series of three.

Together we will reflect, integrate and alchemize your story.

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You are in the right place if:

You want to heal the story of your childbirth

I know mama, things might not have gone how you'd imagined them and you may be feeling raw and upset about it whether it happened this year or 20 years ago.  Together we can support you to reclaim your birth story and find your strengths and gifts from this experience.

You want to feel more joy and connection as a mother

We'll work together applying healing ceremony, practices and meditation to help you find your ground, sit in your center and hear your inner wisdom. 

You love diving deep on your journey of self-discovery

You are a woman who mines the dark times in your life for learning and knows that the hardest parts of your journey have been the times when you have received the most healing, growth and wisdom on your path.

I want you to know and remember that whatever it is you may be moving through at this time on your path, whatever emotions, challenges or seeming obstacles may have presented themselves, there is always a resolution, and there is always a jewel to be harvested through the lessons. Let's work together to reveal these jewels.

"As a holistic pelvic health physical therapist, I often have difficulty finding resources for my clients. I have complete trust in who Katie is as a person as well as in her teachings. She embodies compassion as a leader and this course is a direct reflection of this. Healing birth trauma will set you free, and I’m so grateful to have this course as a resource for my clients."

- Ashley Zimmermann, DPT

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